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This section outlines the various services offered by Catholic Social Services. Please click the "read more" links, or use the menu to the right, to browse through the section.


Counselling services

The Catholic Social Services’ standard rate per counselling session is $120.

However, the rate can be negotiated and agreed on with the Counsellor, taking account of a client’s disposable income.

Social Work Services

We do not usually seek donations from clients of our social work services.

We value our ability to respond to families regardless of their material circumstances more…

Counselling – Latin American

Catholic Social Services is dedicated to providing culturally aware counselling by a Spanish speaking practitioner for couples, families and individuals who has concerns with relationships, stress, depression and other issues that is affecting their emotional well-being.   Read more »

Making an appointment

How to make an appointment

To arrange an appointment please phone us. Our number is 09-378-9650. You do not need to be referred by anyone. Read more »

Social Work

We provide a social work programme that is home based and supports families, children and dividuals.  This service is without charge and provided to the wider Auckland community, however it’s focus is on Central, South and West Auckland. Read more »

Counselling Services

Catholic Social Services is dedicated to providing Counselling for couples, families and for individuals if their concerns are with relationships, stress, depression and other concerns that is affecting their emotional wellbeing. Read more »

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